Criminal Events, intended to be read for personal enjoyment.

On January 18th, 2019, a man by the name of Eric Nalgo entered a local 7-11 in St. Louis, Missouri. He was wearing all black, a black ski mask, black pants, black Supreme hoodie, black Air Force 1’s. He held up a M1911 which was inside the man’s hoodie. He pointed at the clerk (Marcus Gerald, 19) and immediately demanded all the cash from the register. There was no one else in the store so the clerk was left to deal with this problem on their own. Marcus pounced onto Eric, tackling him. Marcus fired 4 shots in panic, none of which hit Marcus. After a few seconds of struggle, Eric managed to switch the arm to himself and pointed it at Marcus, who sprinted out of the store and drove off in fear. Marcus was later tracked down and arrested for armed robbery, armed assault, assault, and 2nd degree attempted murder.

On May 2, 2032, a woman by the name of Juliet McArthur went to a Motel 6 in northern California with 6 grams of controlled substances on her. She sold them with no hassle to about 15 different buyers, except for one who was a bit of a beggar. Her night ended with a pleasant drive back and a total income close to $750. Juliet was later reported to police by the beggar who stated, “[omitted] scammed me! This [omitted] should be $5, not 50!” She had an arrest warrant sent and was arrested for distribution of controlled substances.

On October 28th, 1993, a woman named Georgia Paige exited her home with a double barrelled shotgun, 3 rounds in one pocket of her jeans and a pocket knife in the other. She approached her neighbor’s home, which housed Lisa Berthement (32), Joshua Berthement (33), and Sarah Berthement (9). She rang the doorbell, to which Joshua answered, and also to which Georgia fired one round point blank range into Joshua’s face, killing him instantly. The boom alarmed Lisa, who ran downstairs with a knife to investigate. Upon seeing her dead husband’s corpse, she screamed bloody murder and Georgia fired another shot in the direction of Lisa. Her forehead, shoulder, and ribcage were all penetrated; she somehow lived through this, though temporarily paralyzed from the neck down. Georgia saw this and whipped out her knife to stab Lisa 14 times in the head, killing her. Sarah then came down from upstairs after hearing her parents screaming. Seeing them mutilated made her break down in tears, to which case Georgia took no remorse and fired twice at the child. Neighbors called 911 after hearing screaming and loud shots. Police arrived 15 minutes after 2 calls came in and they found Georgia on the floor, her head severely injured from self inflicted gun wounds. A memorial was erected in Des Moines, Iowa (the city where this occurred) to commemorate the tragedy.

On July 4th, 2037, a firework show in Rapid City, South Dakota went horribly wrong when one employee accidentally lit all of the fireworks at once. None of the fireworks flew into the sky and instead exploded on the ground. This alone killed 1 worker and injured another 3 but also started a fire that went on to burn 749,670 acres of land, causing 1 additional death and 14 homes to be burned down.

Vincent Wang dela Reyes was a programmer and moderator for the website “please.org” (now dysfunctional) who loved to spend time with his cat and mess around with his friends. In his spare time, Vincent would post jokes and update the website randomly to add silly easter eggs or webpages. On October 28th, 2028, Vincent drove 125 miles to an online friend’s house with a loaded rifle. Jackson Illinois opened the door once his buddy had arrived, but upon opening the door, Vincent shot Jackson 6 times, killing him. Vincent has been on the run ever since, and no one person knows his whereabouts.

On November 8th, 1996, Nalia D’Rosa was walking down Whittier Boulevard and Spence Street in Los Angeles, California. She was headed to the recycling center that she worked at, which was directly West of the apartment she lived in. Two men in white 1993 Ford F-150 mistook Nalia for an enemy gang member and shot her 4 times; 2 shots struck her collarbone, one struck her lumbar vertebrae, and the final struck her left temple, killing her. Nalia’s definite killer has yet to be found. It is suspected that the shooter was Jeremiah Cortez, who would’ve been 17 at the time of the shooting. However, Cortez was shot and killed in a driveby 2 months after the incident. Infographic.

Judy Bozen, 18, is responsible for 13 murders between 1999 and 2000 in Detroit, Michigan. On the night of December 28, 1999, Judy entered a liquor store near the downtown area with a loaded rifle, shot and killed 6 people and injured another 2. She was not found by police despite great efforts, although she would be found later. On February 1, 2000, Judy visited a very packed park holding New Year’s celebrations and placed an IED in a trash can disguised as a bag of fast food. 40 seconds later, the IED exploded, killing 7 people and injuring 24. Her fingerprints were found on the bag and she was shortly arrested and sentenced to life in prison without parole. On June 15, 2012, Judy’s case was reviewed and was granted a second hearing after “good behavior” in the prison she was at. This time, the court ultimately sentenced Judy to death and she was executed by lethal injection in 2014.

On November 23rd, 2021, a man by the name of Paul Jackson entered a Walmart in Missouri. He placed 3 bars of chocolate in his backpack and then purchased one small box of cookies for $5.35. He exited the store without paying for the bars of chocolate and the alarm did not go off when he exited. He enjoyed his 3 chocolate bars at his homeless camp that was near a river in the area with a few of his buddies. He was never caught.

On February 2nd, 2003, a man shot, killed, and dismembered 2 innocent civilians in the city of Spockton, Los Ambreras, Genesis (not to be confused with Stockton). The cluprit has yet to be found.

On July 18th of 2052 around 16:32, an individual by the name of Joey Garcia pulled a pistol on his mother and demanded her to leave her Phelo, Alvason, Allato home and hand over US$5,000 or he would "shoot her [explicitive] the [explicitive] up". His mother, Natalie, gave Joey US$456, begged not to be shot, and ran out of her home. She contacted the APD at 16:34, to which the response was rather weak. After an attempt at negotiating with Joey failed, he fired 3 shots in the directions of the officers, none of which landed. After this occurrance, the Alvason SWAT team was contacted at 16:39 and arrived at 16:43. The police surrounded the home and pleaded Joey to come out, which he refused. At 16:45, Joey fired at officer Kester Nept twice from an open window, striking Nept's chest and leg, leading to a full break-in of the home (16:45). Officer Nept passed away in a hospital from his injuries 2 hours later. Joey exited the back door, hopped a fence, and began running west(16:45). A police search helicopter was soon sent to look for Joey, which quickly located him headed to a cul de sac(16:46). Unfortunately for the APD, this cul de sac had many of Joey's friends. These friends allegedly pledged to die for Joey, who was the leader of the (ERROR). This resulted in a shootout that lasted 13 minutes. Joey was shot and killed at 17:00 by officer Dwayne. In total, 6 houses were raided, there were 7 casualties (2 being officers), and one person was arrested in the end. This has been pointed at to be the reason the newest street war has broken out in West Alvason.

On October 18th, 2043, in the quiet streets of Mince Plains, Pnematia, a man forced his way through a window of a home and stole about US$500. He was caught about 3 days later attempting to purchase Xanax.

June 24th, 2047. Alvason, Arizona, Mars. A member of the "Most Violent MFs Under The Hot Arizona Sun (We Have Weapons And Will Harm You)" or "Christ-Loving Bitches" for short was walking down the streets of Smilter when he was fired upon by a member of the Bloods, sparking the current 6 year long war in West Alvason. As of now, the rough casualty count is (on average) 27 gang members murdered yearly in the entirety of Alvason.

On June 17th, 2043, famous 19 year old rapper and Los Ambreras native Oscar "Opal" Tibboth was crusing the streets of Los Ambreras, Honeysol Island, Oceania. He was heading to a show in San Kapitri, Honeysol. Once he arrived, Oscar stationed himself in a parking lot that was 2 blocks away from the club he was supposed to perform in. Walking down the street, he was almost immediately swarmed by fans and the like. One such "fan" carried a M9 pistol on him, unholstered his weapon, and shot the rapper 6 times. Oscar was rushed to the hospital 3 minutes after the shooting, and he died on the ride there. The culprit, Jeffery Mangam, was immediately tackled and arrested at the time of the shooting. He was convicted of 1st degree murder, illegal ownage of a firearm, and using a firearm in a public space, landing him 55 years in the Honeysol prison. There is now a street named after Oscar in San Kapitri in his honor.

A 21 year old neonazi white supremacist and antikoa member named George Mk. II (that is his real, legal name) drives to the small, quiet town of Kingsville, Okansa, Ponsia. George hears of a protest set to occur on the main street to support hempatic taramocious species after a large amount of hate was placed on our company's name. In his blue semitruck is a XM806 Lightweight .50 Caliber Machine Gun and 12 cartridges of live ammunition. Upon arriving to a dirt road, he unloads and prepares his set up. George sits on the top of a small hill overlooking the town of minorities, preparing for the peaceful protest. At around 10 A.M. on August 24th, 2038, the protest occurs, with about 43 individuals come out to walk down the main street of Kingsville. George opens fire on the crowd, killing 8 and injuring another 17. George has yet to be found.